Reader Ride. SR500 Fighter.

Zaine Engelbrecht sends in this nearly complete SR500 fighter.

He Writes:

I am not finished yet battling my ass of with the back brakes.( modification without ruining the original)
The swingarm pivot i cut just before the bearings each side so its 80mm, The nice thing is all the SR parts just bolt back on, no mods to my original frame.
The triple clamps just need different bearings and it bolts right on. The handles is of an Chinese import Hunter as its the only 41mm raised ones i could find.
I cut the brake disk spacer at the back by 4.5mm to line up the chain, will show you on photos how close the 180 back wheel is to the right side swingarm, the wheel is now only 4.5mm off centre.
Front discs is standard R6 and brakes like an accident!!!!!
Rear sprocket is machined alloy!!!!!! R 700 later! (40 teeth)
I will start the monoshock conversion tonight, and will send as many photos as possible,
7 weeks and not finished yet!!!

Best regards
Zaine Engelbrecht

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