Great Reader Submittal. 1983 Triumph TSX.

Just got hese great shots from Don of a really rare bike!

Don Writes:

Heres one for your callout, my unmolested 83 TSX – 5,000 miles and Meriden’s very last bike (along with the 8 valve TSS).371 produced, 200 went to USA, 100 in UK and 71 to rest of the world….Very much raises the question “What if Meriden had a couple more years, and more cash to keep the factory running a little longer”….. The only Triumph produced with a 16” rear tire
Enjoy your blogspot very much!
Take care,Don in SF Bay area
Thanks Very Much for the great pics Don! Bike looks fantastic!! Much appreciated!


  1. Triumph TSX did NOT come with a kick starter.
    You will find that the kick starter in the photo is from a Trident.

  2. Hey anonymous,
    Your wrong they did come with a kick starter and electric start. I own one that only has 2600 miles on it and has not been touched. I also have the owners manual that shows this detail in print and pictures.

    sonsjapjunk (Baltimore Maryland)

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