6 comments on “Kawasaki Zephyr 1100 fresh out of the crate.

  1. Where could someone buy this bike? I so want to buy another. I had a 93 I lost in a fire and haven’t been able to replace it. I know that this is probably the last year for this bike overseas but what about the us in da US?! I want this bike BAD!

  2. I found this on an obscure thread. The bike had just been purchased and I don’t believe it was for sale. They were available in the U.S for a few years and nice examples show up for sale all the time. Like a lot of the bikes from this era they are more popular now than when they were on the dealer floor.

  3. Here in Sweden they are rare but they pop up from time to time. I fell in love with bike and i am a lucky owner of an Zephyr 1100 1992. It runs well and have great power to. Just love it and im very happy to have one!! jodix@live.se

  4. Hi here in England they are quite common so maybe try ebay.I have an 1992 model and it still puts a smile on my face when I ride it. I only paid £850 for it so bargins do come up.
    Safe riding.

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