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More from Vincient Fyie on his Granddaughters racing career!

From Vincient Fyie on his Granddaughters racing career!


My granddaughter’s name is Adalis Sifuentes. She’s a senior at Michigan State University.
Has raced at SCTA Bonneville Speed Week on a Honda NS 50. First time down the salt.
This past Sept. she raced the Honda CB175 at the ECTA Ohio Mile.
Set the open record at 67.79 MPH for the M/TG – 175/4 class – which is modified bike/engine for overhead cam twin cylinder engines, 175cc class.
We finished working on the bike just before trailering it down to Ohio – no engine work except spark plug and oil change – a tired engine!

Pictures of Adalis at the Sept ECTA Ohio Mile event 2012 :

A Sweet Honda CB175 set up for Land Speed Racing!

Vincient Fyie sends in another of his builds (he’s been a regular on here several times) that I like almost more than words will convey! Talk about a great break from convention! Great build Vincent!

He writes in:

This is the latest bike I put together for my granddaughter to race. Built for the Overhead Cam Twin ECTA class at the “Ohio Mile” in Wilmington, Ohio. Class had an “open” record so she is now the record holder! Did something a little different on the seat and it got a lot of attention at last week’s meet. Just got the bike together so no work on the engine yet.

The Stan Keyes “Cyco Cycle” Norton Racebike(s).

Known Stan a while now. He builds a hell of a bike. I think this is the one he podiumed on at the Daytona vintage races a few years back. Oh and that’s the Land speed record setting CX Honda in the background.

Here’s another one of his street builds..

And since I know someone will ask (and I can’t find my old post on the bike for some reason), here’s the LSR bike that he rode but did not build.