More from Vincient Fyie on his Granddaughters racing career!

From Vincient Fyie on his Granddaughters racing career!


My granddaughter’s name is Adalis Sifuentes. She’s a senior at Michigan State University.
Has raced at SCTA Bonneville Speed Week on a Honda NS 50. First time down the salt.
This past Sept. she raced the Honda CB175 at the ECTA Ohio Mile.
Set the open record at 67.79 MPH for the M/TG – 175/4 class – which is modified bike/engine for overhead cam twin cylinder engines, 175cc class.
We finished working on the bike just before trailering it down to Ohio – no engine work except spark plug and oil change – a tired engine!

Pictures of Adalis at the Sept ECTA Ohio Mile event 2012 :


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