A beautiful classic Ducati build!

Mark Turner sends in this beauty!

Hello, I have been enjoying your site for a while and wanted to contribute.
This is my bike and I took the picture also. You have my permission to post it on the site.
This bike was assembled bit by bit, starting with the engine only. All the rest was either scrounged, fabricated, or purchased from various sources around the world. My goal was to stay fairly true to the original look with some upgrades, keep it as light and clean looking as possible. The bike weighs under 350 pounds ready to ride. The sound is incredible.


One comment

  1. Steve,
    Isn’t this just Gorgeous..? looks as tho’ it was built from a tourer [?][rear drum brake..?] but the upside down forks have made it look more modern.. So much nicer than the run of sport 1000’s of a year or two ago.. they were styled on the 70’s originals but, for me, never hit the mark.. THIS DOES !!
    Are you in touch with this chap..? can you perhaps get a bit more detail.. what it started as.. what went into it.. and suchlike.
    Thanks as ever.. trust you are well after your recent breakdown [?].. For myself, I’ve had in the recent weeks, 2 strokes [no, no NO..!! not your 2 strokes] and from that major surgery, so I am temporarily buggered.. but not so wrecked as to sort some of your lot out.
    See what happens..!?
    Stay well son..
    Best regards.

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