Christini AWD update. This is some nice engineering pRorn.

I’d done a post on the Christini AWD bikes a while back and I always want to see it closer up.  Well a big thank you to Colin for the message board link over on Dirt Bike World where these were located.  This is the sort of technology that just stops me in my tracks and get me staring. Amazing how compact it really is.  I’d think the weight would be easily offset by the added traction.   Ant that  KTM 300 is already a rocket ship!  Really brilliant.   I’d love to ride one someday.

Cool! I thought these had disappeared! The Christini AWD Motorcycle.

I remember that these had made a splash 7 or 8 years back but then nothing really came of it. Now I find that they’re building complete bikes including one based (I THINK) on a reproduction of the 2006-08 CRF450x and onther on a 2 stroke Gasgas 300… OR you can get a Honda or KTM based frame kit. Strange times but interesting bikes!

Anyone have any experience with these? I’d love to know more.
Their website is HERE! WITH A LOT MORE INFO!

The frame kit show the basics of that they do and how it works.

And there some decent video’s available.