Some Really Trick Mini Yamaha’s From 2 stroke Legend Sam simmons!

Sam Simmons sends in this pair of beauties. A pair of hopped up Yamaha BW (Big Wheel) 80’s.

Sam writes in:
Hi Steve,
Hope you’re doing well. Excellent ( new) site (as usual!!). I recently
redid a couple of Yamaha BW-80’s,so here are a few pictures for you…
Surprisingly,both BW’s were still in the hands of their original
owners,one in MO,the other in IL.
Both were in good overall condition,but pretty tired in the ‘Engine Dept’
. I ‘stretched’ the suspension on mine,while my wife’s is stock. Once the
exhaust  and intake systems are de-restricted,carb’s rejetted,these
little shits  fly…almost 50 mph.

They’re great little bikes for  swap meet transportation,and perfect for
inexperienced trail riders.

Best Regards,
Sam Simons

Holy Smokes! 50mph on these must be a hoot!

I like the Kenny Roberts colors!

Sitting Pretty!  Some nice clearance there!

How to raise em up!

Very Nice work!

The before pic!

Reader Ride. A Death Valley Warrior.

Jay Writes in:

I love the site; please keep doing what you’re doing.
This is my 2006 Yamaha Warrior on a recent trip to Death Valley.  It’s not a cafe or vintage ride but it has taken me to some cool places and keeps a smile on my face!  The picture was taken from Dante’s View at 5,550 ft elevation, or 5,832 feet higher than Badwater Basin in the valley below.  Death Valley is a great place to ride this time of year, especially when home is still snowy and cold.


More proof that ANY bike can be an adventure bike. Great Stuff. Thanks for the shot!

A Mega Post. Since I’ve been slacking lately… Pleasse allow me to catch up a little on some recent Reader rides.

From Leon in Germany:
Went for a ride this afternoon and took this picture, maybe you like it
greetings from Germany,

From Rob Comstock:
Here are a couple of photos of my RT3 during a trip I took from the San Francisco Bay Area
south to the LA basin to visit a couple of friends — and their Yamaha 360 Enduros as well!

From Justin Johnson:
I am sending you some pics of my 1953 FLF. I have owned this bike since 2002 and it has slowly evolved into the early style custom that you see in the pictures. plans for this year include a new seat and some coker tire wide whitewalls. also included are pics of my two owner 4500 original mile 1963 Topper.

From Tony Silva:
Here’s some photos of my 2000 Triumph Speed Triple that I had to put back together after T-boning a truck. The after picture was taken at Tempe Town Lake in Tempe Arizona.

Reader Ride. A Nice and Naked FZ1…

Carlos Fragoso write in:
After having sent some pics of my classic Royal, I now want to share with
you some pics of my daily ride. It’s a FZ1 Yamaha, with a Akrapovic exhaust
and some other features as the handlebar from Deprettomoto.
Most of the pics were taken in May 2009 on a journey to Spain at Picos da
Hope you like it as well.

I love it. If Yamaha would sell the naked version of this bike in the U.S. I think I’d own one. Just a great line to the bike that the faired version can’t pull off.

Reader Ride. A sweet TX500 Cafe.

I was a little slow getting this one out.  I had an e-mail flurry a while back that I’m still sorting through.  No way would I miss this beauty though..

Tyler Hammond wrote in:

Hello again,
I was excited to see my Norton on your blog….actually more like
honored to be amung other cool bikes……then I realized I have built
other cool bikes over the years. So i have transfered some pics from
an old computer to forward to you.

This is a 1974 Yamaha TX500 twin. It never really sold well, but its
claim to fame was it was one of the first Yamahas with DOHC. I built
this bike originally about 12 years ago (in Yellow) then revamped it
about 8 years ago, before the customization it was in stock format and
my daily driver. Its still basically a stock bike. with the exception
of the exhaust pipes I made myself (sportster mufflers) . The Tail
light is a 1959 caddy. I added another disc brake to the original
setup with little fuss…I did convert the master cylinder to handle
the Dual brakes. The Seat was also a custom Job i did myself by
cutting up the stock seat pan and some fiberglass. The bike did get
the complete frame up rebuild including powdercoating the frame. I
sold this bike about a year ago after nearly 20 years of ownership. Of
course Having a Norton Commando in the Garage makes it pretty easy to
forget about this old girl.