Reader Ride. A Norton Fastback/Interstate hybrid.. of sorts.

Tyler Hammond sends in this excellent Norton.

He writes in:

I just recently completed a complete restoration on my Norton. Its a
1971 with a ’72 front end (for the disc brake) I have put a fastback
rear tail with a interstate tank. The factory never sold them this
way, but i love the fastbacks and now i can carry 5 gallons of gas for
my trips. i bought this bike from the original owner, it had been
sitting since 1979.

here is a link to a picture of the bike the day i brought it home

Love your site keep it going, its a daily visit for me

San fran Bay area

What are the odds? Richard Norton’s favorit bike is a Norton. And a beauty too.



Your new site looks great; it’s always part of my daily ‘fix’ along with Southsiders, LeDepassione and CafeRacerCulture.
Don’t know if you have come across my blog, ?
Hope you like it….   Attached is (I think) a really atmospheric shot of me on my newly bought ’75 Commando taken in the back streets of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1988.
Still have this bike plus the Norton that it replaced although the Commando is undergoing a bit of a radical transformation at the moment.  Hope to have both machines back on the road this year after breaks of 7 and 22 years respectively. (due to other bike projects plus family commitments).
Best Regards
Thanks for the photo.  I certainly understand the Family commitment “distractions”…  Need to get cranking on my Project-X soon.  Delays delays delays..