Nortonn VR880 Commando.

I actually think it’s overdone a little but what the heck…. It’s “making the rounds” lately. I’m not really a huge fan of HDR photography either. Seems overdone lately…


  1. Totally with you on HDR. Done well it can really enhance a photo, but there’s just way too much overdone HDR out there. And I wouldn’t say “lately” either – it’s been that way for at least the last 18 months.

    Just visit FLICKR and search for “HDR Motorbike” – almost every one of them is a photoshop disaster incarnate…

  2. Somewhere in this world there is a metallic green/silver VR880 from Kenny Dreer’s Oregon garage.
    That bike is the most beautiful beast I have ever seen.
    This one ain’t bad, either!

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