Opposites attract! A 2-stroke repliracer and a Harley sidehack..

Steven Varrato sent in a coulple of sweet but very different bikes:

I stumbled across your site recently, and thought I had a couple pics you might like. Sorry I don’t have a ton of info; took these at Biketoberfest in Daytona around 2008. Hope you like them!


I like em both Steven. Which makes me sort of odd I suppose…. LOL.

Reader Submittal. Some Rickmans and a nice replica Harley!

Williw writes in:
Hello again,
I thought I’d send you a couple more pics I took while attending the Vintage Days events at Barber last Fall. This time I’ve attached pics of a pair of beautiful Rickman framed fours. One a 750 Honda the other a Z1 Kawasaki.  The other pic is of a replica of the Sportster Michael Parks “rode” in the 70’s TV series “Then Came Bronson”.  The owner has a website, www.thencamebronson.com,  thats quite a tribute to the show.
Keep up the great work!
Willie in TN

Great Stuff Willie!  Thanks!

Well, I couldn’t resist a little natural curiosity about the show “And Then Came Bronson” and found this intro video on youtube.

Reader Ride. 1950 Panhead. Sweet Custom Chop.

Matt from the Machinehead blog (be sure to check it out. Lots of great stuff) finished up a very nice build of an 1950 Panhead.

He Writes in:

Hey steve…hope your doing well….I’ve just finished my latest bike….a 1950 panhead….I’m happy with the way it came out …was lots of work but it rides beautifully….anyway in case you didn’t catch it on the site here are some shots….guy from greasy kulture is going to do a piece on it…….my attention to the Mark 1 Lemans now….
Hope all is good

Thanks for the pics Matt. Like I posted on your comments I think it a very well balanced build. Looks like you could ride the tar out of it.  Can’t wait to see that Mark 1!!

Reader Ride. Nice Superglide.

Steve G sent me these a while back and they got lost in the shuffle.  Sorry bout that.

I’m sure folks have noticed that I don’t post many modern American cruisers.  This is not from prejudice on my part.  I like them fine.  But there are so many sites already dedicated to them (that do it very well) so I tend to shy away.  Anyway, this one caught my eye because it’s got some really nice “go” touches without overdoing the “show”.  It looks to be a cruiser that you could ride the hell out of.    Function and form and all that …  Thanks again Steve.