1. Q.When is a Harley NOT a Harley?.
    A.When it looks like this.

    Great job on this bike,nicely done.The Vincent banner lends itself to the Cafe theme.
    And the seat works really well too.

    Yep,I think me likes …….


  2. everything harley couldn’t come up with itself. but everything it could actually be. just this side of elegant

  3. someone just took a look that’s been out there, oh, fifty years or so and stuck a sporty motor in it.

    harley already does the same thing over and over again (v-rod notwithstanding). this is nice, but nothing i haven’t seen before.




    oh, and then there’s the harley xlcr: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Harley-Davidson_XLCR_1000_Cafe_Racer_1978.jpg

    makes me wonder where the secret lab is that hatches people that don’t know anything past six weeks ago.

  4. Trent.. your support and enthusiasm of the work of another is overwhelming. Sure we’ve all seen other Sportster cafe racers but surely that does not take one iota of credit away from the fine work that this builder did.

    And personally I can never get enough of tasty sportsters!!!

    Bring it on.

  5. Wow Trent. Getting a little elitist there. Of course there’s a lot of these out there. I’ve probably got a dozen on this site alone. Doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate it on it’s own merits. If you look at every bike from your perspective then originality is going to be almost impossible. I’d wager that featherbed frames have had every possible engine squeezed into them that would fit. Again, so what.

  6. Hi, Some of us have a life outside of bikes thats probably why myself and 4 friends have not seen one this good before.Bob

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