Reader Ride… Old School CZ from the Czech Republic!

James From Czechoslovak sends in his oldschool  CZ 175 1962 dirtbike.

He writes in:
Hi, my name is James and I come from the Czech Republic. I love old bikes and retro style. I prefer motorcycles manufactured in Czechoslovakia (Jawa, CZ). I really like your site. Every day, like watching pictures of bikes all over the world. I decided to also donate their bike. Not original, but built of scrap to ride the terrain around my home.

This is my CZ 175 Type 450 of 1962, adjusted for oldschool dirt bike. He has lots of adjustments for off-road driving. The engine has increased power from 10hp to 15hp, weight is + / – 100kg .

I love the old Jawa/CZ.  Some of the best looking engines built and they go like mad!  Still miss my old CZ250 dirtbike.  Scary scary motorcycle but oh so fun!

DEVIANTE! An S4RS built into a dirt bike by Terra Mostro

Terra Mostro builds bikes like these with 695 Monsters. this guy wanted a bit more power so he had them build this thing. I imagine he succeeded!

Stock specs on and SR4S:
Horsepower: 117.0 @ 9750 rpm
Torque: 68.2 lb.-ft. @ 7500 rpm
Corrected 1/4-mile: 10.71 sec. @ 126.57 mph 0-60 mph 3.12 sec.
Top-gear roll-on: 3.32 sec.

Only one in existence and it’s for sale over on Adventure Rider for just shy of $20K. And probably worth it!

Reader Ride. One BADA$$ Yamaha XT500 Vintage MX’er!

John From North Texas Writes in:

Not all Yamaha XT500’s are destined to become flat track racers or street trackers.

I race this bike with the local vintage MX club here in North Texas. http://www.tvrc.org

Damm John, that looks like a heluva good time! Thanks Much!

Reader Ride. 1972 Hodaka Prototype Wombat 125

Randy Martin sends in some pics of this very cool Hodaka Restoration.

He Writes:

A good friend of mine ( Boyd Thomure ) introduced me to your website and I think it is great. I have already spent too much time on it and want to see more.
I have spent the last year restoring a 1972 Hodaka Wombat as a replica of the original Prototype Red Wombat. When Hodaka built the Wombat and had it ready for a show they only had Red Paint in stock at the time, so the first bike was done in “Hodaka Red” Paint. All other Wombats after that were finished in Black.
When I was 14 years old my very first bike in 1973 was a Hodaka so this has lots of memories for me and my parents. 

Excellent! Thanks!