Reader Ride. One BADA$$ Yamaha XT500 Vintage MX’er!

John From North Texas Writes in:

Not all Yamaha XT500’s are destined to become flat track racers or street trackers.

I race this bike with the local vintage MX club here in North Texas.

Damm John, that looks like a heluva good time! Thanks Much!



  1. beautifull! I am redoing one myself too. What year is the front fender? also the rear shocks you have on it what brand are they? Thanks, John

    1. The fenders are UFO universal fenders. The shocks are Progressive Suspension Series 13 15.75″ shocks w/HD springs. Since these pics, I purchased and mounted a Pro-Fab swingarm. That was the best suspension mod to date. I am still loving the motor.

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