Kent Pierce’s 1967 Triumph TT Special

Kent Pierce’s 1967 Triumph TT Special

I bought this from actor Robert Carradine in the early 80’s. When I got it it had a fresh engine from Jack Hateley ( not installed) ape hangers, 12″ extended forks and a rear tire that looked like it came off a car. The guy that found the bike for me knew Carradine set the deal and put it together for me unfortunately he wasn’t much of a mechanic. Then I had a shop called Supertwins on Laurel Cyn & Ventura (gone now) get it running right. Then it sat for 20 yrs. so I decided to re restore it my self with some help from my friend Jason DeLanoy in November 2015.image1image2image3image4image5image6

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  1. Actually, the engine was the only thing together when I sold it. I don’t recall ape hangers or a rear tire like a car. I got it as a basket and had Jack do the engine. Thats as far as I got and decided to stick with my 750 Trackmaster Triumph. Still riding it.

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