Think I’ll be popping back up a bit.

Not one word before I give a long overdue and huge THANK YOU for all the outside help I received and ESPECIALLY to Sean for giving up his time and energy to keep things alive and thriving on here in my prolonged absence. Considering how little actual support I’ve given him during my hiatus I can’t express enough how massively grateful and appreciative I truly am. Sean is now part of the DNA and his welcome mat is welded to the floor. As they say, mi casa su casa.

Now I won’t rehash all the reasons personal and financial for my absence suffice it to say they those distractions are still somewhat of a daily reality. I’m just getting a lot better at ignoring/managing (but mostly ignoring) them. The seat of the DR650 and the RD350 are familiar to me again and I think motorcycles are solidly back on my list of daily philosophical considerations.

All of which brings me to the bike that sort of snapped me out of my slumber… as they say… stay tuned.. šŸ˜›


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