Yamaha xt660x



Gold excel rims, brembo brakes and fuel injection. I saw this bike in Barcelona, but never in the states.



  1. Alas not sold in the US. If it was I’d rush to trade in my DR650 on a nice new one. Wake up Yamaha! don’t let KTM and BMW have the whole freaking market. they’re overcomplicated and overpriced.

  2. Common bike here in Europe.
    This one seems to be stock.
    To make you jealous, here are the photo of each year :
    http://660xtx.forumactif.com/t12301-millesimes-en-photos .
    It exist in 3 kinds : XTX (the one shown here, 17″ front wheel), XTR (with 21″ front wheel, to go on trail) and XTZ (even more for trail). The 3 have the same engine, XTX and XTR have the same frame.

  3. Why do the people selling to America think all we could want for a multi purpose bike is a 600lb 1200 CC boxer engined minivan? Not that I would complain if someone gave me a GS, but keeping one of those upright on bumpy stuff looks exhausting.

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