Bonus coverage of the Lemay Museum Vintage bike show!

Special thanks to from Steve Ginn!

In the comments section of yesterdays post was this comment from one of our regular contributors Mr. Steve Ginn who wrote in a response:

I showed my 1974 Honda XL350 – not trophies for me but my brother took 2nd, Cafe Racer.

These are all my photos –

If you didn’t get the hint,  go to his Picassa page HERE and be amazed!

Oh and Steve I lifted this single photo from the page as direct linking to a single pic seemed difficult. Hope you don’t mind.



  1. Always fine to take my photos. It’s the least I can do in exchange for all the great photos I see here.

    recently, a photo I took in 1982 showed up on CBS sports coverage of a AMA race. They got it from my picasa albums. That was a surprise but still fine with me.

  2. Thanks Steve.

    Yeah I’ve seen more than a few shots that came from my personal camera show up in all sorts of strange places. I even know of a few blogs that re-post MY shots (which I don’t mind) but then they put their own watermarks on them. So it goes. Nobody is getting rich off them and I don’t have time to bang my head against a wall over it.

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