Month: February 2013

Update: Wow! ermm… what is it?

Thanks everyone!

Hat tip to my readers for the links to the (always indispensable) Pipeburn magazine and article. It Fred Krugger’s ’66 Honda CB 450 – “Tribute to Japan”. Sent to me with no explanation or info. It’s obviously a quality build and professionally done photo shoot and I’d very much like to give some attribution so as not to step on copyright etc..


I wish we had more “entry level” bikes this cool.

A cool Honda FTR 223! Thanks to Gihan Anuruddha for the pics. Sorry for the spam filter delay.

A long time lament of mine here in the states. There is FINALLY some decent 250-500cc bikes coming that aren’t embarrassing turds. I wish they weren’t all sportbikes though. Something manageable along these lines would tempt more than a few 16 year olds I’d wager.


Another Spam filter salvage. A Nice scrambled beater XS650 out in the wild.

Hi there!

I’d love to find one of these in about this condition.

Last year I send you some pictures of my Honda shadow ( The little Honda is now gone and this XS650 has been my new project ever since. I’m still frequent reader of your blog and thought my xs might be a good addition to your collection.

Around 1,5 year ago I bought this fairly stock 1979 xs650 and tried to turn it into a sixties scrambler. The xs is affordable and parts are easy to get. I stripped most of the unnecessary part to save weight and gain a clean look. Swapped the mag wheels for some nice spoke once to fit the new style. I am most proud of the scrambler-style exhaust, it took me a while to make it but i’m really pleased with both the look and sound. The battery is located underneath the swing arm to keep it as clean as possible. It’s a kick-only bike so a small battery does the job just fine. The original seat was an ugly chopperseat so we made a new one (thanks mom!). And last but not least the engine got a rebuild. When I opened here up I found some vw beatle pistons, so I replaced them with some fresh ones. Fitted new cam bearing and chain and she was ready to hit the road. Took quite a while to get the carbs tuned, but now she runs like a champ. Its a great little bike fore mainly the road and some light off road.

The tank is still stock and looks quite used, maybe a new paint job in the future but its fine for now.

Best regards,


3 kleiner


Sweet 2001 Triumph Bonny Scrambler

Another victim of the Spam POS filter!
Really glad I found this one! That’s a tough looking build!

I’ve been reading your site for quite some time now and I really enjoy it!….keep up the good work!

here are some pic’s of my 2001 Triumph bonny that I have owned since new I just recently completed the scrambler up grade you see in the pic’s the cromoly frame,pipes,camshafts,and fiberglass,ect. were all made from scratch in my garage……feel free to post them on your site if you like.

Thanks for your consideration
Frank Lee Strange

my bike 2

my bike 3

Mondial and Triumph! A Sweet Set from Milan.

Very Nice! Bravo Roberto!
(I just noticed in that when I entered my post tag that this is my first Mondial. And shame on me)

Hy, congratulations for your blog it’s great! I send you some picture of my
bikes.The shot with the Mondial was been taken at Imola, the other two I have
made from Speed Triple 955ì.
Roberto from milan