Sweet 2001 Triumph Bonny Scrambler

Another victim of the Spam POS filter!
Really glad I found this one! That’s a tough looking build!

I’ve been reading your site for quite some time now and I really enjoy it!….keep up the good work!

here are some pic’s of my 2001 Triumph bonny that I have owned since new I just recently completed the scrambler up grade you see in the pic’s the cromoly frame,pipes,camshafts,and fiberglass,ect. were all made from scratch in my garage……feel free to post them on your site if you like.

Thanks for your consideration
Frank Lee Strange

my bike 2

my bike 3



  1. As above from Bruce..
    It looks really first class, BUT.. any more [ and CLEAR ] shots. Please.
    Front, both sides, show us the pipes, all the good bits.
    Imagine, built at home.. I can just about change a fuse !

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