Sorry folks, taking a break for a while.

The great universal vacuum cleaner is sucking me down a back hole lately and rather that let things suffer on here I’m just going to take a hiatus.


HOWEVER! This is temporary. So PLEASE DO Keep sending me whatever you have and I PROMISE  I’ll make it up to you with something of a post bomb when I return.


Till then hang tight, ride safely  and go enjoy the fall colors and roads.


  1. Hey, just because you do something nice for strangers for a while, doesn’t mean you have to do it every day forever. Go enjoy life. Come back to this when you enjoy it again. I am sure your content is better when you are having fun.

    Thanks for all you’ve put up.

  2. Enjoy your vacation! and when you come back please hop over our blog. We just posted something about POCKET BIKES and also, we’d love it more if we can follow each other! ^◡^

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