A really cool Hodaka Tracker by John Kovalcik courtesy of Sutton Cycle Works.

Good thing I’ve gotten into the habit of checking the Spam filter regularly.  I’d have really hated to miss this one. This a really slick Hodaka courtesy of Mark over at Sutton Cycle Works.  Do yourself a favor and head over there to take a look. You won’t be sorry.

Anyway Mark writes in:

Hello FloradaSteve,
I see that you commented on the Champion Yamaha Twin( that I found on ebay) on ADVrider.
I noticed your signature with “My Blogs”. COOL!
I have been a fan of Motorcycle Photo of the Day for quite some time. First thing that I look at in the morning, even before coffee!
I even put a link to Motorcycle Photo of the Day on my website http://suttoncycleworks.com/links.html  (Thanks and back at ya! – MCPOTD)
If you wish, you are welcome to photos of my bikes.  (great stuff-  please stay tuned – MCPOTD)

I also know John Kovalcik, the builder of vintage 2-strokes here in Phoenix.
I have great photos of a Webco Hodaka 100 Replica that he built. The original was a one-off project bike by Webco and featured on the cover of Modern Cycle in February 1971. I am an illustrator/designer and made the art to replicate the one-off stickers on the tank.
I know that you don’t like photos in front of a garage door. I can “clip out” bike and clean up the photos if you wish. See attached photos. (Not a problem.  The bike speaks for itself – MCPOTD)

a big fan,

So here is John’s Hodaka. Stay tuned for more of Marks stuff (or like I said, do yourself a favor and head on over to his site). Amazing stuff.


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