1. No, it isn’t. The only motorcycle part on it is the sidestand. Riding around on a rukus (?) is like having sex with a shemale; it might seem like fun, but you wouldn’t want your buddies to see you doing it. No offense meant to shemales, etc.

  2. I dunno ,there’s a guy in our small town who rides around in Cushman eagle frame with a small yamaha 650 4cyl stuffed in it . Street legal with original sized tires. I’v e been trying to get a picture of it.

  3. I think that’s what they call a “GY6” swap. They take a 150cc or so drivetrain out of some Kymco scooter or something like that and fit it to the back of the Rukus. The only reason I know this is because you always find this concoction for sale on my local craigslist. Usually people try to trade them for street bikes…

  4. Yep.. thats a Ruckus.. with the GY6 swap and extension kit, upgraded shock, swapped bars/clamps, etc. I had one and it was a blast to tool around on (not in the city!) They are hugely popular on the coasts.. totalrucks.com has everything ruckus! Fun to tinker around with.. if it has two wheels and an engine it’s gonna have a following.. just like the Honda Dreams, they are real popular now!!

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