2 comments on “A Motard BSA Gold Star

  1. How is that motard? I cannot see taking that in the dirt at all… or off a jump. As near as I can work out, a motard bike needs to be capable of dirt with road tires, jumpable., and suitable for drifting. Most are a dirt bike with firmer suspension and modified sport bike tires. Some are one offs sticking a sport bike style engine and tires on a dirt bike frame. All have short wheel base and very upright stance, as they are to be ridden standing on the pegs a fair portion of the time. Standing up on that would be pretty awkward.

    If anything it looks like a pretty standard cafe with a couple of hints at flat track style number cards, and missing the rearsets.

    It’s a nice bike and all, but this feels like hearing the Top Gear guys call $90,000 mercedes luxury coupe with a big engine a “muscle car”

  2. Chuck, Thanks for the Picture!! The Goldstar made and i had a great time on the 3 State Ride!And what a great site you have here. I will be sure to check it often..

    Jake Hall
    HCV Motorsports

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