A flawless Yamaha XT600. One of my favorite classic dualsports.

It funny because I was thinking of this very bike just the other day. At around the same time that Suzuki was designing the DR650 that’s been in continuous presence in American showrooms since 1998 (virtually unchanged) Yamaha had a serious competitor already on the market. It kills me that they surrendered the market to Suzuki so easily. This was a fantastic bike! I’m equally as pissed that they never brought its descendant, the Tenere 660, here either. WAKE up Yamaha! There are some of out here who love ADV thumpers! You’ve once again surrendered the market. This time to BMW and KTM. Damm shame…


A shoutout to Paul King for these shots. She’s a real beauty. Take good care of her!

Paul writes in:


My name is Paul King, from Colorado.
I’m an avid viewer of your site.
Thought you might like at couple of shots of my ‘just assembled’ current ride.
It’s a 1994 Yamaha XT 600 with only 3,000 miles on it.
After cleaning it up, I added my personalizing accessories
to make it an adventure tourer.
Windshield, hot grips, aluminum panniers, bars, etc.

P.S. I rode one prepared like this to Alaska a few years ago.

Great stuff. Thanks Paul! And if you take this one on any adventures remember to send in some pics!

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