8 comments on “WOW! One Million Pageviews! I mean HOLY FREAKING SLAP MY FACE WOW!!!

  1. Congratulations and thanks! My world is too many hours of works with too few of play, but I come by daily to have a peek at the latest dreams. Maybe I should track down an old blue smoker to celebrate 🙂

  2. Steve, from a guy that’s been riding, tinkering with, fixing, splashing, modifying and enjoying any bike and most types of bikes for the last 40 years, mainly in Oz – thanks for an entertaining and inspiring site.
    Kudos and great karma to you for the effort.
    Keep it up and may the bluebird of happiness shit on your shoulder many many times!!

  3. Steve,
    may I second the reply from Mac, your site has become a ritual, a habitual graze EVERY day, however, I fear the time spent dodging the attentions of the Bluebird Of Happiness’s arse would keep you from the keyboard. So with that in mind I hope it shits on you only once and it smells of only good things.
    Keep it up dude and if you falter then we’ll know whats going on, and I will be round immediately to blow a round of 12g up the Bluebirds, “happiness hole”.

  4. I only joined recently because I kept trying to find your previous site..hmmm.
    So I get this daily and.. along with the magnificent ‘Vintagent’ you are.. well, wonderful.
    Thank you for all you do.

  5. Steve, thanks for being a shining light in a sea of otherwise mundane e-mail. I always excited to see what treasure you have discovered. Thanks for the effort!

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