Some useful W650/SR500 info and a sweet little gallery.

Leon wrote in with some great information and links to some SR500 and W650 sites. There is a LOT of temptation in those links. I’ve been keeping an eye out for an SR or XT 500 for a while now.

He also included a zip file (that I almost missed) that had some sweet SR500 pics out in the country. A nice reminder of the simple pleasures. Thanks Leon!

Hi, as you were featuring the w800 i thought i could give you a hint oin featuring the w 650 as well.

here in germany there is a big custom scene around this bike, not as big as for rthe sr 500 and it´s all a bit more expensive (they are rare and you get very good ones for about 4000 to 5000 euros, the cheapest you can get are about 3000(not a bad condition either))

you can get everything you whish for that bike.
aloy tanks, fenders, fairings and so on just look there, it´s even half english:

here you find a very cool scrambler (for me one of the best scrambler builds) the tracker is not bad either

here some other cool ones click on “umbauten” on the left for seeing both the w800 and the w650

And attached some pics of my sr 500 which i unfotunately had to sell

Btw, still a nice blog, but you should have kept the tree of shame header 😛


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