1. What’s interesting is, if you go to the Asphalt and Rubber article about the Enigma and look at the photos of the build:


    You will see that the frame that they are building is nothing like the all-steel trellis frame in this computer generated picture.

    The frame that they are building has alloy side-plates to locate the swing-arm pivot and steel tubes that attach directly from the steering head to the cylinder head, with apparently only a single steel tube on each side connecting the steering head assembly with the swing-arm pivot plates.

    The computer generated picture has a frame that is very similar to the frame on a Moto-Morini:

    But the frame that they are actually working on looks more like one of the recent Bakker or Harris frames.

  2. Randy that’s a good catch on those build pics. The actual bike on the bench looks to be significantly different than the design photos. A lot more robust at the swingarm certainly and it appears the dual trellis is getting thinned out to use the engine as more of a stressed member although they could be working thir way to the second tail of the trellis. Might be the next phase of the build if there were more progress pics.

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