All origina low mileage Suzuki T500. The kind of barn find I dream about.

Regular contributor to my 2 stroke blog Ted Guthrie sent in his latest “barn find”.

Hi, Steve. Thought I’d share with you the great barn find I brought home recently. It’s a 1973 Suzuki T500 Titan, with 4,000 original miles on it. Although far from perfect cosmetically due to plain old aging, it is in amazing condition. All I did to get it look as it does in these pictures was to wash it. Torn fork gaitors show, as well as a broken lock on the gas cap – hence my baggie/rubber band seal. Tape on the tank is my label reminding me there is no fuel in it. Haven’t tried to fire it up yet, as I intend to go through the carbs and ignition first. Dig the condition of the seat and tires. They’re exactly as when I got the bike. No Armorall on ’em or anything. Nearly 40 years old. Amazing. What a survivor. Ted Guthrie PS: Please see also, pic of parts and pieces of ’75 Bultaco 350 Alpina I am putting together. 1960 Triumph Tiger Cub is next in line, too.

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  1. Very nice garage find! I can almost see the blue smoke coming out those pipes. And look at all the steel on that bike. I bet a contemporary version would be 50 lbs. lighter. It’s a classic.

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