Update: Nice reader ride. A 1971 Bonneville.

Update:  shame on me I forgot to include the backstory on this bike.  Sorry about that Linh.

Thanks to Linh Barinowski for the shots. I’d love to have one in this shape as a rider.

I know this bike is not anything out of this world, but it has a great story that goes along with it…..
I have a friend here in Whitefish Montana. He has owned this bike for 15+ years. The former owner said it would never run again, and my friend bought it for $1.00
It has sat in a garage for a long time. I knew my friend had it and I have been bugging him for 6 years to sell it to me. He could not part with it. So i knew i had to get it back to running order. i bought an old XL 350 for $75 bucks (hey – it is montana) and then broke into my friends garage. I took his old triumph out from under it’s cover and replaced it with the old Honda. That was over four months ago. He hasn’t noticed that his bike is missing. The bike just got finished and my friend has no idea about it. I had a lot of help from his mother ($1,200 in parts alone) and a super talented Triumph mechanic and machinist, who still races flat track at 65+ years.
It was a labor of love, for a dear friend. Every time i sit on the bike i feel like i am Fonzie…. I just have to remember the brake is the left pedal and the shifter is on right.

One comment

  1. This is Friendship in its purest way. Wish i had a Friend like You…
    Respect Man! Greetings from Holland. (Just an enthousiast 56 year old motor fan which after 40 years is getting his license and looking for a Triumph (scrambler???) I rode a Triumph open sports pipe Bonny for some weeks illegaly when I was 17 years old and it kept me dreaming of. Do my final exams in november and the Hunt begins. I understand that there are 2 kind of drivers in the same field Harley and Triumph. I fell in love with the Triumph Years ago.

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