Reader Ride. A sweet Honda Cl125.

Jason Moore sends in his sweet little CL125 “hybrid”

This is my CL125s “lil Frank” I picked it up to restore and ride around town but it ended up needing a full motor rebuild, new exhaust, and the forks were bent. Its basically a combination of the CL125 and a CB100 that was full of bullet holes and laying on its side in a field for 20+ years. This was my first 125s but now I have 5. Some for parts and some to put back on the road. Ill send you some nice ones of my CB125 cafe as soon as I get some good pictures of it. I love riding these little bikes because it brings back so many good memories for people. i always get stopped wherever i go by somebody who has a story about when they had a little honda just like it. Anyway here are some shoots i took recently.

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