7 comments on “How I spent one loooong day of my summer vacation!

  1. both bikes are looking good, but i can’t understand that you drove 1000miles for a bike, wouldnt it had been easier to sell yours and buy anotherone in your area?
    whatever, really like your blog
    greetings from germany

  2. Ah,so jealous. I love Barber. My wife has agreed to renew vows there. Leon, life is about the journey.

  3. Never rode an RZ, but I did have an RD350LC back in the day. It was the scariest bike I ever owned (in a good way of course). The front wheel seemed to have an aversion to the ground as it would lift up on every opportunity or gear shift. And it would track through corners (once I put decent tires and a steering damper on it) at ridiculous lean angles. The only negative was that it was so light it would take a beating on the highway with any side wind or whenever I passed anything bigger then a VW beetle. It was a fun ride!

  4. Good goin’ , Steve. Man, you just have to love road trips like that. The expectation,the ‘dawn patrol’ roll-out…..
    I have to get my sorry self down to Barber one of these days.
    BTW that rear mono is what I grafted onto my mighty SR. I also made a fiberglass copy of your belly pan.
    I know you love 2-strokes….while sitting around St. Johnsbury VT. yesterday some guy screamed past on a Kawi triple….Oh Man !
    Best of luck with your new acquisition.

  5. My buddy bought one of these new back in the early 1980’s . Same color. I believe it to be a Kenny Roberts replica. Most were the yellow and black. This was the lesser known.

    Cool find!

    Back then we were all Yamaha freaks. Bob Hannah, Kenny Roberts, etc. We grew up on JT2 GT 80’s, and moved up to worn out RD 350’s. When this bike came along, he had to have it. This is a GREAT find! I would still love to get my hands on one. I wasn’t crazy about the two-stroke fog, but other than that- it really held it’s own. You will enjoy the gas mileage it gets.

    Thanks for the post!


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