How I spent one loooong day of my summer vacation!

I’d been working on deal with a friend to do some bike trading for a while now and we got things settled this Friday. As fortune would have it I got to take a nice long drive, scratch a BIG item off my “must see” list, get a TON of material for the site and come home with a bike I’ve always wanted. It only took 19 hours and 1000 miles of driving but I’d do it again anytime.

So… it started at 4 AM with my RD350LC in the back of my truck ready to go.

I then drove 7 hours northwest to our agreed meeting place which as it just so happens is one of the all time great motorcycling Meccas…

As luck (and my bad geography skills) would have it I had forgotten about the fact that Birmingham Alabama is in the Central time zone which bought me an extra hour to go exploring! It gave me time to go in and see stuff like this…

and this..

and this..

That’s juuust a taste.

I then met up with my friend and we made what I feel was a very fair trade. Loaded her up..

and drove another 7 hours back home…

Where this morning after a 1000 mile day and a restless nights sleep I finally unloaded my ridiculously nice ~3000 mile RZ350. I Am Stoked!

So sorry if posting was a little lame but it will be improving shortly. There will be a LOT more on all of this but for now I’m tired from the drive (and the heat is brutal here too) and I’m still sorting out the additions to the photo library. Please stay tuned!