1. I’ve always wanted to know how the Triton developed. Is the Norton chassis better handling, lighter, or was it just a trick thing to do?

  2. It’s my understanding that it was because the Norton handled so much better.

    That is a gorgeous example of the breed

  3. It’s basically the Norton “Featherbed” frame that became a very popular platform and led to all sorts of “hybrids”.

    The TriTon (Triumph engine/ Norton Frame)the Norvin (Vincent engine / Norton Frame) are the 2 best known but there’s been a LOT of combinations. Some Ducati powered bikes, KZ engines, NSU etc.. There was even a Virago powered build. See here: http://thekneeslider.com/archives/2010/03/24/banquer-920-norton-featherbed-with-yamaha-virago-engine-and-shaft-drive/

    But it all starts with the Norton Featherbed frame.

    1. Also, the Nortons 600, 650, and early 750 twins were either fast or reliable, but never both. Triumph engine is one of the best looking engines of the era, and the Featherbed frame, either from a single like an International or Manx, or a wide-line from the twin, was the most stable at speed that was out there, at least until Seely, Rickman, Dunstall, Egli, Champion, and other specialty frames came out. YOU CAN NOW BUY BRAND NEW FEATHERBED FRAMES.

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