Update on the V-Rod Cafe!

Ron Fairbrother sends in an update on his really impressive V-Rod Cafe

Hi mate

Thought I would send the final shots of the Vrod cafe racer – Rocket Speedster 2 with the new clip-ons to finish the look.
The wheels are off now having a repaint in black with a silver rim. Hope it meets with approval :o)


Love it Ron! Thanks for the updates!


  1. Very cool bike. Always loved the Vrod concept but never saw one that ticked all the boxes for me. Agreed, need some shots from the side and front to get a better feel for it.

    I know practicality and cool don’t always go together. But just wondering how the ride is with those flat bars and forward foot controls?

    Vrods and traditional Hog riders don’t always see eye to eye. This bike would really stir the pot. Good stuff.

  2. I concur with Poppawheelie the forward controls gotta go. What i want to know is where the wheels came from ?

  3. Hi
    Yup it’s not the most practical riding position but I’ve managed a 100 mile round trip on her like this. More photos will follow from the front and side once I get the wheels back from the paint shop. They were just quick phots before I stripped her down.
    The wheels are from HD Wheels in the states – motobob1000.
    Its a concept trial build so the forward controls are staying, looks meaner when ur riding thats for sure.
    trillium – thanks for the vote of confidence, or was it sarcasm, but dont worry, she’s pretty good looking from all angles ;o)
    Nice to provoke a reaction.

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