Vincent Black Shadow on Top Gear.

With apologies to the billion or so fans of the show I may be the only man on earth who does not like the show Top Gear but they put together some nice video of this Vincent. I sort of wish he’d shut up though.


  1. The more you see, the more you don’t like it. Once I have been a fan, but now that i have seen 20 shows in a row, you just see how everything is mocked up and fake and destructive. Or you see an Audi, Porsche or Ferrari which is claimed to be new but as boring as the one before.

  2. I like TopGear…granted,it’s staged ‘drama’more times than not,but,’the lads’ do get to drive/ride some very exotic vehicles on a regular basis.(Why anyone would loan them such for one of their episodes is beyond me!)
    Definitely a dream job/occupation…..

  3. I hear you Sam. I’m probably just a little (OK a LOT) envious.. LOL. I mean who wouldn’t want the job where oh by the way, today you get to flog this classic Vincent through the back roads of England and get paid for it.

  4. I’m with you on that opinion. Top Gear is less about cars then it is a dramatic, predictable storytelling narrative that builds on the egos of the show hosts.

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