2 comments on “The radial-engined Megola “…probably the most unorthodox motorcycle ever made on a commercial basis…” I agree. Update with video.

  1. One of my mentors in 1965 was a Older German engineer who had left Germany before The Nazis came to power. When I met him he was full of motoring stories. One was a serious wreck that he had on a Megola when the lower end went out.
    I believe “shrapnel and spokes” were the words he used.
    The front wheel must have been gyroscope central.

  2. As someone else pointed to me, that is a “rotary” engine, not a “radial”. While it is radial in layout, that name was reserved for motors with fixed crankcases/cylinders/heads, and rotating cranks. Motors with fixed cranks, and rotating crankcases/cylinders/heads were call “Rotaries”

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