I’d love a little feedback on the new site..

Lay it on me please!  Layout, fonts, colors etc..  Thumbs up or thumbs down.  I’d like to get this right before we get too far into things.  And don’t worry you won’t hurt my feelings.  I’m interested either way.


Comment 6: Contact info is mcpotd@gmail.com and is now prominently noted in the header message.  It was in the “about” header tag but that actually too small.

Comment 5:  sharing links are new easier to find right up front on the posts.  You may have also noticed that I sorted out the bloglinks over on the right.  Sad to say that there is no way to organize them like over on blogger by “most recent post”  That a blogger only thing I’m sure.

Comment 4:  I enabled all the “sharing” links like twitter and facebook etc.  but for some reason they only appear when you open the individual posts.  I’m looking into it.  I’m also trying to figure out how I got all my logo’s and messages etc where they are on the header.  I need to re-arrange them a little but the code can’t be altered unless I drop a little more coin.  Guess I’ll have to do that :-/

Comment 3:  DP from the comment mentions that when he logs into the site from his mobile device that he has to click on the posts to see the pictures.  Is anyone else having issues with mobile devices before I get into all of that?

Comment 2: Derek in the comments makes an excellent point about my old bloglinks from the previous blog! Right now I’m limited as to what widgets are available to me and unfortunately “bloglist” isn’t one of them.   As I’ve mentioned a few times I will be self hosting soon and as soon as I do I’ll have all the usual suspects loaded up. Give me till this weekend and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Comment 1: You know Davis from the comments has a point.  Going through a lot of old posts and looking at the post cloud it’s pretty obvious to see where my biases are..  I’ll give some thought to more variety.  Hey Different Is good!


  1. Hey superduckz

    Good so far. I understand the restrictions regarding copyright. I’m sure I have my own picture of a Kettenkrad somewhere. Has the banner at the top of the page stopped changing? I liked it when it did…

    As far as I know it’s easy enough to back up a wordpress site locally, dig around and you’ll find the way to do it. Sorry I can’t be more help on that.

    Top Tip… Mail everyone who ever sent you anything to let them know of the change. I know it’s lots of mails, but it needs doing.

    I’ll send on Lawrence of Arabias SS100 and a neat Z9 (A4 I think) once I can dig it out. Might have an XBR 500 for you as well…

    Was the picture site Picasa or Flickr? I can’t remember. Download the lot right now. Flickr is likely to go tits up and don’t trust google

    Thanks again for a ‘go to’ site

  2. Hi,
    Followed the old site for ages. Like what I have seen on here so far, keep up the good work please?

  3. Just discovered MPOTD from a posting over at Hooniverse, so I can’t comment on how this looks vs your earlier version, but I’m digging it so far. Definitely adding this to my RSS feed!

  4. I like the new site. Model it after the old site, just keep it fresh,current and with a variety of bikes for all to enjoy. Don’t get bogged down with one genre of bikes or one brand of bikes.

  5. Hi Steve, became new to the site in recent months and followed it ever day to see what new spectacular picture came up to inspire me for a cafe racer build. I was gutted to attempt to open the old site in the new year to find it was gone. Glad to see it’s all back on track and the new site is even better I love the guzzi racer you have just posted. Let’s see more guzzis!

  6. I’m actually sorry to see the old blog go. I checked it several times a day–not just for your posts; I treated it like a “portal site” to all the other cool MC blogs out there like Chalopy, LeContainer…I hope you link those peeps here as I’m sure they’ll do with your new site.

  7. Derek that’s an excellent point! Right now I’m limited as to what widgets are available to me and “bloglist” isn’t one of them. As I’ve mentioned a few times I will be self hosting soon and as soon as I do I’ll have all the usual suspects loaded up. Give me till this weekend and I’ll see what I can come up with.

  8. Have followed your Blog for years now, have it linked from my Blog and visit daily. When checking in from my Android surfpad (yeah i’m a gadget freak) I only get text and have to klick each post to go on to see the pix, works but not optimal, from Mac. &PC the site is as good as the Blog….

    DP says: Out with the old, in with the new, Happy New Year!!

  9. Two thumbs up from me ! I found your site six months ago and usually check it daily . Keep up the good work . Dawson

  10. I really like the website. I like it alot better than the old one. The only suggestion I might have is to make the name more prominent in the heading. Maybe incorporate it in the picture as a logo or with a logo.

    I’ll send you a picture of my bike soon. Nothing special, but I hope you’ll like the pictures!

    1. I agree with Charles Allen. The name on the masthead should be bigger on the main page. It currently feels like you might be dropping into a sub-page of the site, or perhaps a page intended to be displayed in a frame.

  11. Good job Steve. I have had to deal with this same thing before. Remember to get some facebook/twitter links up there. I know sharing some of your stuff on my face book has converted a few people over.

    Good luck!

  12. Brasil acompanha esse maravilhoso site sempre!

    Brasil follow is wonderful site ever!


    São Paulo


  13. Hi,

    I must apologize, I did not read all the way through the comments to see if this has already been asked. Where is the “Contact” link or how/where can we send in submissions?

    We have finally finished rebuilding an old Redhawk and we were going to photograph it soon to submit.


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