Too good not to post!

Wow!  Speaks for itself!  I’m out of town and just checking in and this is too good to pass up. 

Ola,again from Montreal 
I thought you might get a kick out of an old winter project of mine;A buddy dropped off an XL250 (that I quickly took the motor out of & gave away the rest). I happened to have an extra frame from a Z50 hanging around. The motor has a performance cam (because you can’t go wrong with too much power, most of the time). I used triple trees from a Yamaha TT500 that  were gathering dust in my,tiny, workshop ( the head pipe came from the TT too. Hey, it fit right on !).. The rear sprocket was a McGyver ‘special’. Footpegs are the old buddy pegs from my CBR900RR.Seat is the passenger saddle from the 900 too.Fuel cell is a modded propane cylinder ( don’t try this at home kids !).I think the Supertrapp is off of the XL250 if memory serves.
Performance is….terrifying. Owing to the lack of suspension ( the forks are a joke ), you cannot hold the throttle open. Though when you try, the front wheel comes up…in EVERY gear! Great fun because it looks like a regular Z50 from the front (except for the TT500 clamps & bars) so folks don’t appreciate what’s about to catch & pass them.

Simple and spectacular!!  Thanks Again!!


  1. “I like the roadrash on the saddle, Flipped once too often?”

    Good eye.Yup it’s been tossed a few times. The best one was when my buddy, Mike N., stalled it & then had a battle to get it running again. When it finally caught, Mike was more than a little frustrated and banged it into gear,dumped the clutch & grabbed a handful of throttle. Well sir, I’m here to tell you that the bike went STRAIGHT up and the back wheel was just about at eye-level with, a now very pale-faced, Mike. I mean he had to jump out of the way so that it wouldn’t land on him on the way down! You can’t BUY entertainment like that .

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