Konig Racer prize-winning documentary on Kim Newcombe, builder and racer of the Konig 500 GP bike.

I love to look at the early days of racing. When sudden and unexpected technologies coud turn the sport on it’s head overnight. I love to watch the racers who did it because the thought of doing anything else was just impossible to them.

We miss a lot of that aspect in todays hyper media environment. I know the riders in the 21’st century are just as driven as the riders in the early 20’th but I think we miss a lot of that in all trhe “packaging”. Anyway I like to see theold videos and learn who’s shoulders todays riders are standing on. It’s a good idea to check your foundaton once in a while.

On that note I was delighted to find an e-mail from Mr Bill Thomas directing me to this video. It’s not one of the typical “early days and high sides” old school videos that we see a lot of. It’s actually a professionally produced documentary and while there is some good racing action, this is more about people and familes.

So this may not be you cup of tea but I just wanted to throw it on here anyway. Hope you enjoy it. Oh and thank you again to Mr Bill Thomas for the link.

Bill writes about the video:
His widow Janeen provides much of the commentary and there is a lot of footage from their home-movies. Extra commentary is provided by people like Chas Mortimer, Chris Dodds, Dieter Konig , Bruno Kneublher, Rod Tingate (Kim’s mechanic), Mick Woolett, Phil Read,
Kork Ballington, etc.

If you enjoyed the clip there’s a lot more HERE!




  1. Watched the dvd many times, an incredible achievement against the might of mv, what a tragedy to be killed after he had pointed out the danger at stowe corner.

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