Reader submittal. Beautiful BMW R5 1/3.

Reader Brian bold send in this beauty of an E-bay build. Rolling Sculpture!

This was an ebay find and I knew that the headlight and tank were worth more then my final bid. No one else seemed to feel it was worth more, so it was mine.

Since it was delivered I have taken it down to its major parts, had the frame powdercoated, found a new front and rear render. The tank is next to get attention.

I have added the Hoske pipes, not knowing if they were ever intended for the /3 plunger frame I had to make us some brackets. The SS1 Dellortos were also and ebay purchase, one of the seemingly impossible finds that may not see another pair for some time. The seats are new reproductions, the valve covers are from either a single or R51/2. The engine is interesting in that instead of the standard 68mm bore, there are 72mm pistons on a standard stroke crank.

Thanks much for the pics! Looks to be a real beauty.

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