250 Nighthawk/Dream 50R "mashup". Fantastic Photoshop Work from reader Tanshanomi!

What an amazing Idea! I keep coming back to lok at this concept. This bike has ridiculous potential. I could just imagine a budget racing class for these similar to the vintage CB160’s that have become so popular.

He writes:
I thought I would share a fun little 250 Nighthawk/Dream 50R mashup I created in Photoshop for your Motorcycle Picture of the Day website. Yes, it looks as if it has a hydraulic drum on the rear, and it is in desperate need of a front disk and 18″ rear rim. But it makes the point that Honda’s little 250 twin could be really cool looking in something a lot more fun than the Rebel cruiser and dowdy commuter bike Honda puts them in now.



  1. what a great idea, , althought the mk2 should have clip on handle bars , a goldie swept back pipe and mega , and a nice manx type central oil tank would not go amiss , looking forward to seeing the mk3 lol dave

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