A Sweet modified 1965 Ducati Sebring Road Rcer.

Thanks Much to Henry Buss out of Canada. That is one hell of a nice save! Must be a blast o ride!

I biult this 1965 Ducati road racer from 6 boxes of parts that were a 1965 Sebring.
Bored out to 350 from 344cc.
Omega piston
Megacycle Cam
EX valve 36mm
In valve 40mm
Gas Flowed Head
Lightened Frame etc.

A really interesting “One Make” MZ250 racebike from the UK

Andy Writes in:

Love your site ,thought you might like to see some of these.
MZ 250 racing bike as run in the BMZRC, have a look at

A one make series running in the UK we celebrate our 25th year this year at Cadwell pk.
cheers Andy.

Fantastic stuff. Is there an equivalent class to this stateside? Good affordable (or as affordable as racing can be I suppose) fun.


I lifted this one from their website.  Looks fun!

Reader submittal. Great Kodachrome historical racing shots.

Fantastic historical shots. I love old shots like this taken by the fans. I imagine there’s a TON of it out ther. hint hint… 🙂

Thanks to Tom Leeming who wrote in:

Hi Steve,

Found these over the weekend in my archives. Gary Nixon and Kenny Roberts at Loudon nationals 1973. 250 Class which Gary won. Interesting that while riding for Suzuki in the open class Gary rode a Yamaha (I assume as an independent) in the 250 class.
Tom Leeming

Oops… A reader ride classic Ducati and Honda racebike three for one!

Oops! It’s not all Honda! Updated!
Reader Henry Buss sends in three gorgeous racebike projects.

He writes:

Here are 3 racing bikes that I have built in the last 3 years in my
retirement. 1965 Ducati. Honda CR 750. Honda 550 Replica of a RC 181
1967.Hope you like them enough to put on your site.
Henry Buss

Great Stuff! Thanks Henry!

Some Wild Sidecar Motocross Pics!

I’d heard about this class and even seen a few pictures and such over the years but I had no idea that they put it out there to this degree.  Just amazing!  Thanks much to Piotr Szumera from the ADV rider page for permission to use these.

To quote him directly from his post: “Here is a few shots from last weekend’s Sidecar MX championship round 6 which took place in Gdansk, Poland.  Everybody knows, that racing requires some balls. But these crews have a set of 4 on each machine and made of titanium for sure.”