Classic military bikes on a gorgeous day in Norfolk GB.

Kenneth writes in:

These were seen at the Ingworth Trosh here in Norfolk, GB. I’d forgotten to take my camera so you can thank my daughter Eleanor for the pictures.
The BSA M20 is in reproduction British Army Desert Rat livery.
The Peugeot is something I’ve never seen before. The owner was trundling around the field on it and it was licensed for road use.
Just in case you’re wondering, “trosh” is a Norfolk dialect word for thresh(as in threshing wheat) and these days a trosh is any celebration held at the end of the harvest. Ingworth is a small village in North Norfolk and its annual trosh is a fete involving vintage machinery like a steam traction engine operating an early 20th Century belt driven combined harvester, old tractors, amazing old stationary farm engines and almost anything else anyone cares to bring along including vintage cars and bikes. There are ploughing and shearing demonstrations, a medieval re-enactment group and the local amateur radio society. There’s also lots of tea and delicious cakes.

Kenneth Pantling