Sweet Montesa 250VR! A “back in the day” historic photo! How about some more!

I’d love to start a “back in the day” category of readers and their rides from when they were young. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. The six year old on the Z50 monkey bike would be just fine. How about it folks?

Anyway, David Ingels sends in this great shot of his Montesa 250VR from “back in the day”

Nice site! I’ve been looking for a Montesa 250VR to restore and while searching around the internet I stumbled on your site.
I saw where you are always looking for photos so I’ve attached a 1974 photo of myself posing with with my VR and you’re
more than welcome to use the photo on your site if you’d like. Between breaking a few bones and discovering girls I stopped
racing so after sitting in the garage not being ridden for a few years I unloaded her to some farmer that my dad knew in Pennsylvania
for $200 bucks to putt around the farm. I heard through my dad that he got it home and the first time he tried to ride it in the
driveway he hit the throttle and flipped her right over so his wife made him get rid of it immediately before he killed himself. If
only I could go back in time she’d be out in my garage waiting for me to get home tonight!

Dave Ingels