RD’s and GS’s all in one post!

Sorry. Been a little hit and miss this week. Been chasing electrical gremlins on the DR650.  All sorted out now.  Who would imagine a battery going bad after sitting in a cold garage for six months.  😛

Getting her set up for some traveling this spring to assorted shows and may even turn her into a full time commuter if the price of gas keeps going the way it has.  35-38mpg (Yes I’m a bit “harsh” with the throttle) sure beats my truck.

Anyhow…  here’s another victim of the spam filter.

Armando Barqueiro

Feb 15 (13 days ago)

to me
A few of my brother’s bikes over the years. He was a 2-stroke guy with his RD400’s but then became a BMW kinda guy, first with R65LS’s, three to date, and later with R100GS’s, he’s on his second. The latest one he’s made into an R65LS lookalike since he never rides off-road. The gold RD400 was very highly modified with DG heads, pipes and swingarm, Lectron carbs, home made rear sets and seat, fork brace, braided steel brake lines, Tomasselli clip-ons and a custom made (by me) wiring harness which allowed the whole front part, fairing, headlight and all instruments and controls to be disconnected and removed with one massive multi-wire connection (from a car) for ease of maintenance which there was always a lot. In one racing weekend he changed three left pistons due to a crankcase seal air leak. Good times and they aren’t over yet.

’82 GS1100L/California Sidecar, ’02 GSXR1000, ’86 Fazer, ’92 DR650, ’92 FZR600, ’00 DR400Z, ’00 TTR225







Some really fun 2 stroke “street” bikes!

Mike sent me a link to his Flickr site and I grabbed these two! Nice Stuff!

His original E-mail about the CR500

This is my CR500 AFC Supermoto 79RWHP. I mostly run it on the street but for fun I took it to the drag strip and ran a 12.4 @ 101.4mph 1/4mile. It didn’t have a soft enough tire to launch hard but still fun beating Vrods and cbr600s!
It’s a crazy fun bike. Street titled and all led lights.
This will be up for sale soon to fund a Kawasaki H1 drag bike 🙂 the wheelie bar on it is from the H1 project haha


And a nicely modded GT!

One of the most amazing 2 stroke hybrids I’ve ever seen.

for more on the bike and the background check out this thread over on 2 Stroke World. Where they declared it (very deservingly) their “Bike of the Month” If you’re at all familiar with these bike you’ll appreciate all the work that went into it.



That Dry clutch is serious lust material.

A nice Twingle! 1964 Allstate 250.

UPDATE (from the comments, Thanks Viv): A link to the inner workings on the Twingles

This one is for my buddy Doug who has a real thing for these oddly engineered bikes. I actually know the brother of the gentlemen who restored this bike and from what I heard it was a remarkable effort to get it this nice.