Wicked little CB160 from Circle K Kustoms

From a reader:

“Hello Richard Weslow from Circle K Kustoms out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. My partner Kurt Schwengel and I built a 1965 Honda CB160 Cafe Racer I think you would enjoy.We have been building bike sense 2009.Take care and thanks for the looks.”IMG_4431IMG_4902new pics blue bike 061


78 XS500 Cafe

A reader writes in with a request for info for his XS500 Cafe Build.


I am building a 78 XS500 Cafe but seek guidance from those who have gone before me. Specifically I would like to know what Dean’s Keihin carb jetting setup is on his TX500.
Your post, the one that led me here:
Is there a way to get in touch with Dean other than posting a comment on the blog?

Thanks and kind regards,

P.S. for kicks I included a picture of my nearly completed current project


Kent Pierce’s 1967 Triumph TT Special

Kent Pierce’s 1967 Triumph TT Special

I bought this from actor Robert Carradine in the early 80’s. When I got it it had a fresh engine from Jack Hateley ( not installed) ape hangers, 12″ extended forks and a rear tire that looked like it came off a car. The guy that found the bike for me knew Carradine set the deal and put it together for me unfortunately he wasn’t much of a mechanic. Then I had a shop called Supertwins on Laurel Cyn & Ventura (gone now) get it running right. Then it sat for 20 yrs. so I decided to re restore it my self with some help from my friend Jason DeLanoy in November 2015.image1image2image3image4image5image6

Update to a previous Reader Ride.

You featured my CB750 Cafe as ‘Bike pic of the day’ back in Sept 2012.
I have just completed a rehash on the same theme, but this time gone a bit made with the Ali and engine.
If you want any further info on spec etc please do let me know.
Love the site and open mindedness of the subscribers.
Dave Morgan