Very Tastefully Updated 1982 GPZ

A very well updated GPZ.  This bike was my favorite all time motorcycle at the time.  Of course I was 20 so that makes it easy.

I frequent your page and like the custom bikes I see from time to time. My bike started out as a stock 1982 GPz1100 minus the windscreen and clocks and I transformed it to this. It runs around San Antonio Texas from time to time….

ZX11 Wheels
ZX 12R Front Suspension
GSXR 600 Swingarm
Hydraulic Clutch
Radial Clutch and brake master cylinders
Modded OEM fuel injection
Adjustable FPR
Aftermarket Fuel Pump
Custom Exhaust
Ballistic Battery

Shaun Carron-Damico, Retired, MSgt, USAF”

Thank You Master Sargent!


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