Reader Rides! Kickstarters Only! My Kind of BikeNight!

Eric Stofer sends in some pics of his local ride. Great Stuff!

He Writes:

“Hey Steve
As promised, here’s a sampling of a WNA (wednesday night assholes) ride. This week, a garage tour. 1969 Royal Enfield first startup after rebuild and a 1946 Velo which is running, riding and is a fresh restore (just needs a bit of tweaking). Otherwise, what you see is a typcal, after work, wed night turnout.
Bikes are: 57 TRW, 69 BSA Lightning, Various 70’s Nortons, a Bonneville, a Tiger, an Indian Enfield, a 65 Norton Atlas….usually 8 to 12 bikes going for a noisy burn and a pint. Enjoy!”