Reader Ride. One of the cleanest (and most radical) XS650 hybrids I’ve ever seen.

Jeff Snell sent me pictures of this bike with very little explanation.  I had some of it figured out but most of it left me scratching my head so I had to press him for some info on this really excellent build.  He writes in:
Hi Steve, well it’s a Yamaha XS 650 engine in the cradle of an XS frame. I cut the front and rear off and made a new frame section to accomadate a Honda F4i swingarm and monoshock. Up front I made a new steering tube and used F4i forks. I wanted to keep with a retro theme and used a Kawi ZRX tank and seat. The tail is also ZRX but was chopped and condenced to work with the new proportions of the bike. Both are supported by a detachable aluminum subframe. The drive side case cover is divided to allow for an offset sprocket. This enabled the engne to be mounted in the center of the frame. The end result is light weight and balanced, and sounds great with a Scorpion exhaust can. I like that naked bike look.Of course there are a few more tweaks I’d like to do but I’m pretty stoked otherwise! Everything was done by yours truely except the electrical and dyno tuning. Hope your readers like it! ( I have a ton of pics for anyone interested)
Thanks for your interest,

Jeff Snell, Alameda CA

I’ve put a few unusual bikes together in my day (and I’m in the middle of another one) but it’s never approached this.  That’s a really at a great build.  Oh and I wasn’t even close on my guesses except on the bodywork.   Thanks Much!

Too good not to post!

Wow!  Speaks for itself!  I’m out of town and just checking in and this is too good to pass up. 

Ola,again from Montreal 
I thought you might get a kick out of an old winter project of mine;A buddy dropped off an XL250 (that I quickly took the motor out of & gave away the rest). I happened to have an extra frame from a Z50 hanging around. The motor has a performance cam (because you can’t go wrong with too much power, most of the time). I used triple trees from a Yamaha TT500 that  were gathering dust in my,tiny, workshop ( the head pipe came from the TT too. Hey, it fit right on !).. The rear sprocket was a McGyver ‘special’. Footpegs are the old buddy pegs from my CBR900RR.Seat is the passenger saddle from the 900 too.Fuel cell is a modded propane cylinder ( don’t try this at home kids !).I think the Supertrapp is off of the XL250 if memory serves.
Performance is….terrifying. Owing to the lack of suspension ( the forks are a joke ), you cannot hold the throttle open. Though when you try, the front wheel comes up…in EVERY gear! Great fun because it looks like a regular Z50 from the front (except for the TT500 clamps & bars) so folks don’t appreciate what’s about to catch & pass them.

Simple and spectacular!!  Thanks Again!!

The TAFFYMOTO built "Black Pearl" CRF450R Supermoto.

I don’t post a lot of Supermoto’s on here. That’s not a prejudice on my par cause I absolutely love them and am in the process of converting my DR650 over. But this bike is so freaking nice that I can’t pass it by. It fairly legendary in the SM world. It’s know as the “Black Pearl”. If you’re interested in more about the bike there’s a good thread on it over on Supermotojunkie.com  This is an insanely nice build.

Here’s the build thread if you’re interested:

The Black Pearl

mtr tuned head
j+s high comp piston
stage three hotcam
boysen waterpump kit
stm slipper clutch
hinson billet clutch casing
powdercoated rocker cover (gloss black)
samco hoses (urban cammo)
five 10 engine plugs (black)
compflow oil filter and billet cover (black)
hammerhead designs rear brake lever (black)
hammerhead designs gear lever (black)
hammerhead designs case saver (black)
k+n filter setup with samco hose (urban cammo)
powdercoated kickstart (satin black)
troy corser oversize race radiators (gold)

powdercoated mainframe (satin black)
powdercoated swingarm (satin black)
powdercoated engine mounts (satin black)
tag triple clamps incorporating honda steering damper (black)
tag oversize handlebars (gold)
protaper bar pad
joker tornado 2 billet throttle (black)
fly racing billet engine kill switch (black)
cycra crm probend handguards/black low profile sheilds
bar mounted hotstart removed and replaced with carb pull switch
ohlins ttx rear shock
ohlins replica forks/revalved re-sprung

beringer bro 10 master cylinder (black)
beringer aerotec six pot calliper (black)
beringer cast front disk (black)
beringer clutch lever (black)

marchesini 17″ forged aluminium supermoto wheels (black)
goldspeed ultra tyres
devil sprinter exhaust with dual carbon fibre cans and titanium header pipes

pro carbon lower fork guards
pro carbon fuel cap/gold vent cap
pro carbon fuel tank cover
pro carbon chain guide
pro carbon rear disk guard
lightspeed carbon fibre engine guards
lightspeed carbon fibre ignition cover
lightspeed carbon fibre frame guards
lightspeed carbon fibre sump guard
lightspeed carbon fibre front sprocket cover
sc racing carbon fibre rear shock guard

prairie city supermoto chain stay
t m designs slide+glide chain runner
gold front and rear axle sliders and crash bobbins
ufo footpeg sliders
talon sprockets
did chain
sdg step seat
one off custom graphics

Totally Sick! RZ500/R6 Hybrid. Too good not to share. Cross-post From The 2-Stroke Board.

You hear about bikes like this in lots of conversations…. “wouldn’t it be cool to put engine X in chassis Y”..  Well someone REALLY did it.  More on the project over on BARF

“Current generation Yamaha R6 chassis with Ohlins forks and shock, Brembo brakes, forged wheels, and aluminum subframe. Engine swap with Yamaha RD500 (aka RZ500 aka RZv500) V4 twin-crank two-stroke. Handmade expansion chambers with carbon fiber silencers. Mikuni flatslide carbs.”

Another Briggs and Stratton Bobber from… Bob.

The build sheet:

Specifications For Black Briggs Bobber
Frame—————————Probably nos aftermarket hardtail from the 60s
Wheelbase———————58 in.
Rims—————————–18 x 2.15
Tires—————————–18 x 4
Hubs—————————–Honda 350
Swept Area——————–56.5 sq. in.
Brakes Loaded—————-8.8 lbs. per sq. in.
Curb Weight——————-300 lbs. / 200 lb. rider – 500lbs.
Rake—————————-25 degrees
Trail—————————–3 in.
Suspension——————–Leaf spring over leading rocker
Floorboards——————-24 in. Wide and 8 in. clearance
Lean—————————-35 degrees
Ground Clearance———–6 in.
Axle to Ground—————13 in.
Crankshaft to Ground——-11.75 in.
Handlebars——————–Lowrise buckhorns 31 in. wide with 5 in. rise on 3.5 in. dogbone risers
Grips—————————Anderson style
Engine————————-V twin ohv Briggs and Stratton
Displacement—————–34.75 cu. in. / 570 cu. cent.
HP——————————18 @ 3600 rpm
Torque————————-30 ft. lbs. @ 2400 rpm
Exhaust————————two into one header 1.75 in. auto
Drive Train——————–comet ind torque converter
Drive Clutch——————-44 c magnum
TQ Overall Ratio————-2.43 to 1
Final Drive———————428 chain sprockets/ 15t into 60t for 4 to 1 ratio
Speed————————–70 mph @ 3600 rpm
Frame Geometry————-Cloned from Indian 101 Scout
Steering Geometry———–Cloned from Indian 101 Scout

Update: Worlds Fastest Briggs and Stratton Custom Motorcycle! Seriously.

Updated with more pics!  Thanks again Bob!  And once again Nice Job!  I REALLY like these sorts of builds.  Very Creative.

Bob Decker sent in some pics and links to this really cool custom Briggs and Stratton powered custom but this is the only one I could get to that was big enought to use. I’ll update the post if Bob can get me some more. I love this concept. I’ve looked at the big Briggs engines and before and thought that they were plenty powerful enough for a motorcycle. 35 HP and 52 ft lb of torque ain’t bad!  Guess I was right! Thanks Bob!

Here Is the Build Sheet he sent me with it:

Frame——————————————————————Homemade designed from scratch

Wheelbase————————————————————-59.5 in.

Rims——————————————————————–18 x 2.15

Tires——————————————————————–18 x 4.5

Hubs——————————————————————-Honda 350


Swept Area———————————————————–56.5 sq. in.

Brakes Loaded——————————————————-10 lb. per sq. in.

Curb Weight———————————————————-368 lb./200 lb. rider – 568 lb.

Weight Distribution—————————————————Front – 169 lb. / 46%

Raer – 199 lb. / 54%


Rake——————————————————————-26 degrees

Trail——————————————————————-33.3 in.

Suspension———————————————————–Leaf spring over leading rocker

Front rocker lift ratio————————————————2.6

Floorboards———————————————————-24 in. wide and 8 in. clearance

Lean——————————————————————-35 degrees

Ground clearance—————————————————-5 in

Axle to ground——————————————————-13.5 in.

Crankshaft to ground———————————————–11.125 in.

Handlebars———————————————————–Lowrise buckhorns 31 in. wide with 5 in. rise on 3.5 in. dogbone risers

Grips——————————————————————Ivory from a dead woolly mammoth

Engine—————————————————————-V twin ohv Briggs and Stratton


Displacement———————————————————-60.6 cu. in. / 993 cu. cm.




Torque—————————————————————-52.2 ft. lb. @2400 rpm


Drive Train————————————————————Comet torque converter

Driver Clutch———————————————————-94c duster


TQ Overall ratio——————————————————-3.49 to 1

Highest gear———————————————————–2.8 to 1

Low gear—————————————————————9.8 to 1

Final drive————————————————————–50 pitch sprockets / 15t into 54t for 3.6 to 1 ratio

Speed——————————————————————106.39@3730 rpm